PCTV Sports Selected as Official Broadcast Provider

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PCTV Sports was selected as the official broadcast provider for the SFC Football Championship Game held at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Stadium on November 15, 2014.

The production process began the Monday prior to the game when PCTV Sports Director, Justin Danzansky, met with conference officials and the FAU technical crew. The game plan was set – the PCTV truck, instant replay capability, instant highlight reel editing, mic’ing of the refs, full-motion graphics integration, and more were ready.

Students planned a full pre-game show featuring highlights and interviews from the two participating teams. As the week went on, PCTV Sports Director, Taylor Lewis, began production of the pre-game show by visiting the two schools to obtain practice video and interviews. She went with PCTV Sports Reporters, Rachel Hackman and Alana Udwin. The students were eager to make this as real-world as they could, and their efforts to actually travel to these schools on their own time are commendable.

The game day finally arrived, and the team met at the FAU stadium at 9:30 a.m. Cabling, wiring, Internet feeds, desk setup, mic checks, camera checks, video checks, and jumbotron setup all ensued with just a quick, 30-minute stop for lunch. The team met on several occasions throughout the day and maintained solid communication with each other. It was teamwork and leadership at it’s finest. The stage was set, and after a full day of setup and a full week of preparations, it was game time.

To watch the stream link, click here.

It truly was outstanding work. The team completed the broadcast and packed up their “road show” by 11:30 p.m. They had been hard at work for 14 hours.

Congratulations to the PCTV Sports Crew for not only providing a fantastic viewing experience for over 2,000 web viewers, but for also representing Pine Crest School at a significant annual event in true Panther fashion:

Justin Danzansky
Austin Fields
Hunter Fields
Grant Fields
Rachel Hackman
David Isenberg
Saagar Jain
Tai Lewis
Audrey Louden
Jacob Schaffer
Scott Shanbom
Sophie Shapiro
Eddy Soto
Jack Steinberg
Alana Udwin
Brett Weiss
Jacob Wolpert

A special thanks also to Mrs. Joanna Szymanski and Mr. Bryan Miller for their assistance. We truly showcased what is possible with teamwork, technology skills, creativity, media literacy, and sheer determination and drive.

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