Pine Crest School Students and Alumni Create Web Series

Pine Crest School Students and Alumni Create Web Series

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Pine Crest School film students and alumni were selected to create a web series about cyber bullying for AT&T last year. The group received a grant to produce the series from AT&T and Fullscreen through a film competition sponsored by the All American High School Film Festival.

The students and alumni wrote, produced, and starred in the series that debuted on Fullscreen in September 2017. The series follows Jordan, whose personal information gets compromised by a hacker after downloading a file. He finds himself being blackmailed and embarks on an unpredictable road to obtain the funds required to avoid embarrassment and shame.

Fullscreen is a subscription service that features scripted and unscripted original shows, television, and films licensed from studio partners, as well as exclusive content. If you are an AT&T wireless customer, you receive a full year of Fullscreen at no extra cost.

Congratulations to:
Sebastian Bell ’17, casting director and producer
Sebastian Crist ’17, producer and assistant cameraman
Justin Danzansky ’17, cinematographer
Alexander Edep ’17, writer and director
Ryan Felberbaum ’18, created the soundtrack for the film
Seth Kelman ’17, writer and director
Michael Kennedy ’17, actor and sound engineer
Hunter Potak ’17, actor
Ben Runsdorf ’19, b-camera and grip operator
Jodie Kahan ’17, production team

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